2015.01.31 Norma Finishes Marathon

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Today I have the great pleasure of writing about my sister Norma Cote. Norma who lives in Buckeye Arizona was entered for the first time in the Desert Half Marathon 5K called The Classic. Norma trained with five other girls to do the Marathon and had a great time. They walked and jogged fourteen miles in their training session. "Go Norma Go" I say.

Norma had broken a toe two weeks ago and a Achilles tendinitis injury just last Friday. She was determined to run the marathon anyway. She knew she could not run with her injuries but did a very brisk power walk through all 13 1/2 miles. "Yeh!!! I Did it!!!" she said.

Thank you Peter for taking such nice pictures.

I'm sure Norma you are tired and proud at the same time.

When it comes to my family I am proud of all their accomplishments.

I am extremely proud of little sister Norma.