2015.01.01 The Merging of Two Companies

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As of January 1, 2015, we merged our Vex.Net operations with another company to create a new company called Vybe Networks Inc.

Preparing to merge with another company is no small task. It's changing clients around to another company and making sure every thing works and all our clients are happy. This doesn't happen over night. D'Arcy got our lawyer and our accountant to look over the documents. But this merge will be very relaxing on us. We will be able to go places and know that our clients are well taken of. I will continue to do testing and helping with the accounting in the new company.

In the middle of preparing for this merge D'Arcy got a new client around Christmas time. The client had to get three machines out of where they were so on December 23rd. D'Arcy went to Colosseum where all the Vex.Net computers are and worked well into the night installing them and getting them working. I remember D'Arcy coming to bed and kissing and saying "Merry Christmas Eve" and we went to sleep.

On January 9, 2015 D'Arcy and Jim Adams signed papers to become Vybe Networks Inc. I was there to take a picture of the handshake as they become one great company.

Jim Adams and D'Arcy Cain sealing the deal on Vybe Networks