2015.02.15 Cain's Cold Night

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On Sunday, the coldest day of the year, our ten year old furnace decided to stop working after supplying us with heat for so many years. We did not put any money into it for ten years so it has been good to us.

D'Arcy got on the phone and got Pat down from Green Comfort Heating and Air Condioning and he worked on the furnace with no luck. I guess the furnace had to go sometime but not on the coldest night. Pat said he would email us some pricing either to fix it or to buy a new one. We toughed it out for the night with every blanket in the house that we could find on our bed.

I had put away an old electric blanket. We got that out and plugged it in among other blankets but it was old and no longer worked. We didn't go to bed before D'Arcy put the oven on leaving the oven door open to get a bit more heat.

Monday was Family Day a Holiday Pat phoned and said he could get the guy to open the store and get the parts but it would cost. We agreed because we were tired of being cold. Pat and Mike came down on Family Day to give us some heat.

We will never take heat for granted. We are warm once again.

Pat and Mike working on our furnace