2015.03.04 Scott Cushnie at Leslie Jones

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D'Arcy and I went to enjoy Scott Cushnie, a famous piano player, at Leslie Jones Restaurant. Scott reminds D'Arcy of the way his father used to play.

The restaurant is quaint and cozy. Tables are so close together that we can have conversations back and forth with other patrons.

D'Arcy and Scott reminisced about the past. D'Arcy used to work for Greenlight, the company that owned Puck's Farm Studios where Scott recorded "Two Pianos No Waiting."

We had a sing along which was fun with one guest singing along with Scott while we were singing songs from Scott's albums.

D'Arcy and I met Andrea Reid, Scott's manager. In fact I took a pictures of Andrea and D'Arcy.

Scott Cushnie -

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