2015.04.22 Celebrating with Bridget Taylor

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D'Arcy and I helped Bridget Taylor celebrate her Birthday week. Last Sunday we went to the jam at Scarborough Junction hosted by Tommy Rocker, then off to South Side Johnny's on the Lakeshore hosted by Rebecca Matiesen.

On Wednesday, her actual birthday Bridget meet us at The Melange Jam hosted by Pete Aube where some of her friends joined in the celebration. Tom Ladd a friend of D'Arcy's since Internet Canada had a meeting with D'Arcy and he joined in the festivities by singing a few song from D'Arcy's book of many tunes. Tom had so much fun he emailed us the next day that his wife Anne was sorry she missed out and will be there next time.

On Sunday we continued celebrating Bridget Taylor's Birthday week by dropping into Scruffy Murphy's hosted by Jay Pennell then off to Grossmans hosted by Brian Cober and Bill Hedofine where we ended her Birthday. Grossman's was packed.

We have been friends since D'Arcy had a gig with her in 2005 where D'Arcy played bass and he did some sound. Bridget is a very powerful singer.

I was there to take all the pictures.

We parted with plans to go to more jams.

Bridget and Bridget