2015.05.23 D'Arcy Joins The Bootlegger Band

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D'Arcy with the love of music in his heart and soul saw a couple of ads for bass players. Since bass players are in great demand, D'Arcy decided to email back as many bands as he could. He got answers to come out for auditions.

The one he went to on Sunday, May 23 called The Bootlegger Band liked him a lot. They emailed him back that night to be invited to join the band. D'Arcy was very happy because of all the bands he tried out for this was his favourite and the one he hoped to get in.

They are guys from Toronto and they play blues, classic rock, rock and R&B and that is right up D'Arcy's alley. And they do some ZZ Top. How perfect.

So look no further because now D'Arcy Cain is their new bass player. See their web site for more information.