2015.06.20 Bootleggers at the Toronto Islands

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D'Arcy and I met The Bootlegger down at Toronto Islands, for their first gig since D'Arcy joined them as their bass player. The occasion was a birthday party.

I received a gift of earrings from Celine, Franks wife which I wore all night. Thank you Celine for taking the time to make them. Now back to the Gig, which was a great success.

There was a lot of dancing. Mama Motown was a guest and she sang up a storm and a friend of Sean's the drummer Andrew played this guitar.

The Bootlegger Band consists of Frank Barberio guitar, vocals and harp, Sean Brock on drums, Jesse Breakspear on guitar and D'Arcy Cain on bass.

Jordan, the sound guy, did a great job of bringing out the best sound from the band.

At the end they were asked for encores. One song, The Thrill is Gone, was dedicated to BB King who had just passed away.

All and all this was a thrilling evening.

Bootlegger Band - Jun 20 2015 - Toronto Islands

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