2015.07.04 Frank's Birthday

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D'Arcy and I almost didn't go because our truck, just weeks after getting the transmission rebuilt, was getting worse instead of better. We phoned Frank to say we were not going. We drove the truck very slowly and parked it at Mister Transmission put the keys in their mailbox. Ready for repairs yet again.

We decided to go to the party after all and made our first call to Uber and went out to enjoy ourselves at somebody else expense we hope.

Both Frank and Celine put out a yummy spread. We met some of Frank's family.

The guys jammed with D'Arcy on the bass, Sean on drums, Jess on lead guitar and Frank on guitar, harps and lead vocals. Frank's sister in law played Ukulele. For a switch Jess played bass and D'Arcy played guitar for a while.

Then we went upstairs to talk and joke around.

We said goodbye to everyone with hopes to see them again in the future.

We had a good time celebrating your birthday Frank.

Frank cutting the cake

More pictures.