2015.07.21 Spectrum Blues at the Local

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On a nice sunny day D'Arcy and I headed out to a little pub called The Local on Roncesvalles street. Where we met with Jeremy, Mike and Nicole.

They all got busy rearranging the stage to their liking so it could be a little more comfortable for them to entertain us. The stage was long and narrow and small. But for a quaint little pub their was a lot of light.

Then they were ready to entertain us with nice music. There was D'Arcy Cain on bass, Jeremy Ronson on drums and Mike Nagoda on double slide guitar and vocals.

Because their was a sign on stage with the words "Antiques" on it I joked that we would call the band "Mike Nagoda and the Antiques" but it didn't stick.

Among the crowd there was Lee Van Leer a famous keyboard player and Michael Butcher and his son Mark and some of Mikes friends. Michael Butcher is a long time customer of D'Arcy's.

The crowd really enjoyed and applauded their music. Of course I love taking pictures of these events for souvenirs.

Well they say all good things must come to an end so it was time to pack up.

We drove Mike and Nicole home with some discussion of the wonderful musical evening we had talking about their next gig in London, Ontario on Saturday.

The Antiques are the rhythm section

More pictures.