2015.07.28 Our visit with Pat and Bryan

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On Wednesday we decided to give it another try at a mini vacation. We drove to Pickering to Renewable Storage to get our trailer. We had a bit of trouble because CAA had dropped off our trailer after the last trip but they left the pin too low. We almost had to call them back to raise it but D'Arcy was able to raise it just enough to be able to slam it onto the hitch.

We were getting a bit hungry so off to A&W but when we saw the drive through and thought our 30 ft travel trailer will never make those turns we decided to park right in front of the door.

Off To Severn Falls to visit our friends Bryan Challenger and his wonderful wife Pat, and to be their next door neighbours for a few days. Pat and Bryan have a lovely cottage with a lovely lake view.

Bryan used to be a client of D'Arcy's company Vex.Net he worked for ACI.

We arrived and they took us out for for a lovely supper at Waubic's, a restaurant only accessible by water. But before we got in their boat D'Arcy said he would be more comfortable if I wore a life jacket because I can't swim there was no problem there because Bryan and Pat had a lot of life jackets. Then off we went up the Severn River where we saw different cottages and boathouses then we docked at Waubic's Restaurant where Pat had a nice chicken salad and the rest of us had fish and chips. Bryan the small fish but D'Arcy and I had the big fish so big it was hanging off the plates. D'Arcy called it "Whale and chips."

Wednesday we woke and D'Arcy did some computer work and I checked Vybe. D'Arcy got a cup of coffee brought to our trailer door by our next door neighbour (Bryan). We had cereal for breakfast and then we all went swimming. Since I had a hard time walking and I can't swim Bryan put a chair in the shallow part and I sat there with my feet in the water.

We all got into his car and went to The Big Chute where there is a Marine Railway that moves boats from one lake to another at different levels. It is part of the Trent-Severn Waterway system. It works by dipping into the water at each end so that boats can drive on. It then goes on a double set of rails that keeps the boat carrier level all the way up and down.

We also visited Tim's Mom, his sister Anne and Sandro. Tim used to work with D'Arcy and Anne was and is our customer.

We all went to the convenience store to buy meat and yams for the Sheppard pie we were making for Pat and Bryan to thank then for their hospitality. Bryan said that we made good neighbours.

On Thursday D'Arcy and Bryan decided to see if the could repair our awning of our trailer. They managed to get it working.

Then D'Arcy brought his guitar and amp down to the docks and had a sing along. Pat and I decided on songs like "Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay" and "Smoke On The Water" among others. Then we went to make our shepherd pie and Pat made a Salad and we ate it at the docks near the water and listened to more music from D'Arcy. But evening got spoiled when the pesky bugs came.

Then we met Sarah and baby Ryan who arrived later. At that point we lost Grandma Pat. Grandkids trump visitors.

The day we left we had breakfast at Pat and Bryan's house. Bryan called it their bed and breakfast but D'Arcy noted that we had to being our own bed.

D'Arcy had already hooked up the trailer so after breakfast we said our goodbyes and headed back to Toronto tired but happy.

Pat and Brian - July 2015

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