2015.08.09 Bootleggers at The Tennessee

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D'Arcy and I headed out to see The Bootlegger Band play at the Tennessee down on Queen Street. It was their first time playing there and did they put on a good show. They had a very good sound guy too.

The Bootlegger Band consists of Sean Brock on drums, Jess Breakspear on lead guitar, D'Arcy Cain on his five string bass and Frank Barberio on guitar harp and vocals.

It was funny because there was a hiss coming from the main speaker and Frank to the rescue. He would just hit it a certain way and it would just stop.

Our dear friend Bridget was there along with Frank's sister Mary and his brother Carlos and his lovely wife and some friends.

We all had a great time.

The Bootlegger Band at the Tennessee Aug 9 2015

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