2015.08.17 Emptying Our House

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After a long time living in our house we are getting the place emptied and ready to move into our fifth wheel and travel a bit before we settle down in a cozy little apartment. D'Arcy keeps saying when you marry you should not both be a pack rat which means we both have a tendency to collect things. I always say I will put this away it may come in handy some day or that clothes may come back in style. Well it seldom does.

I remember when my parents came to visit and my sweet lovable mother offered to help get rid of some clothes with me and my handsome lovable father made a closet so I could hang up all my clothes.

D'Arcy would save computers, computer books and computer parts. He would say he would put parts from one computer into another and see if he could one work. It was turning into a museum.

We thought of this plan of traveling often but something would always come up. Now we will do it. D'Arcy called Karen Shinnof, a downsizing and moving specialists on Monday. Karen gave us some suggestions like giving us some guys to empty the old files from the basement. They have big shredder for this kind of work. She could arrange to get us a bin to put in the driveway to throw things into and hire a couple of guys to empty the basement. I'm hoping Karen will get the ball rolling.

Here is when pictures come in handy D'Arcy took my camera and took some pictures of things we want to get rid of and he put them in a letter to some of his friends. We are hoping to have an open house garage sale this Sunday. We shall see who shows up if any.

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