2015.08.27 Mike Nagoda at Lou Dawgs

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Yesterday, as we were headed for Lou Dawgs, listening to songs on the radio the song stopped and Jeremy came on instead. Our new truck links to our phones by Bluetooth. Jeremy calling for Mike to see where the bass player was. We were about two minutes away.

The guys did a sound check and went over one song.

D'Arcy and I had drinks. D'Arcy had a club soda and I enjoyed a red wine but not the name. It was called Fat Bastard. There were some candles on the table I was curious to see what was printed on the glass as I lifted the candle and spilled the wax all over my hand. I did not burn myself so no fire trucks were dispatched. Nobody let me near fire all night. I wonder why?

The Guys shared the bill with other performers like Mirian Kay entertained us for a half an hour with her songs. Mirian has an amazing voice.

Then Mike Nagoda and The Spectrum Blues Band played with Jeremy Ronson on drums, D'Arcy Cain on his five string bass and Mike Nagoda on his double slide guitar and vocals. While they were playing D'Arcy noticed some dust on Jeremy's cymbal. D'Arcy wrote "Clean Me" in the dust.

The guys were great and the audience showed then how much by their applause.

Then Jeremy and D'Arcy packed up and we headed home. It was a fun night.

Mike Nagoda with Jeremy Ronson and D'Arcy Cain at Lou Dawgs - Aug 27, 2015

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