2015.08.29 Bootleggers at Toronto Island

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D'Arcy and I headed down tho Toronto Island Marina on this partly cloudy day but that didn't stop The Bootlegger Band. What a great way to rock out the last weekend of summer than with The Bootlegger Band. They put on a great show. While we were waiting for the boat a man asked if we were the band that played the before and when he knew that it was the Bootlegger Band the man said that they were the best band. So they have fans.

D'Arcy and I were early so we took the Island Mariner which had a Poster of The Bootlegger Band. We got to the Upper Deck and had some great fish and chips and a small Caesar salad while I watched the boats come in.

Since D'Arcy finished before me he started setting up and brought a wagon down to the boats so when the guys got there they would have something to transport their equipment.

This occasion was Sean the drummers birthday. Happy Birthday Sean! George a friend of Sean's presented him with a giant ginger cookie and some candles for the birthday boy, one even the cookie monster would like! Cookie! Cookie! Me want cookie!

With D'Arcy Cain playing his five string bass guitar, Sean Brock playing drums Jess Breakspear playing lead guitar and Frank Barberio on vocals and Harp. D'Arcy stepped in as sound guy and did a terrific job.

There was a lot of dancing going on.

On the third set one of Sean's friends Andrew played guitar.

At the end of the evening as the guys were beginning to tear down the crowd wanted more songs. The band sang more then the crowd still wanted more but it was getting late and the crowd said they would get them home. Since the band didn't want to swim across. They got ready to get the boat and some of their fans helped them.

That was a great band to get to play for the last weekend of summer.

Good job guys.

D'Arcy plays to Bootleggers youngest fans Aug 29 2015

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