2015.09.03 Camping in St-Philippe

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D’Arcy and I headed out to Pickering on such a nice sunny day, perfect weather for camping, to pick up our fifth wheel and head to Montreal to see Mom and my brother Alan and his family. That is were D’Arcy and I were born. As D’Arcy says we were both born under the same sign “Maternity".

We traveled with our new 2014 Ram and even when we hook up our 30 foot trailer our transmission light does not light up. We don't have to stop on the highway like before.

A few days before we left we joined Passport America this gives us a discount every time we use it. So we saved about $75.00 on this camping trip.

We headed out to Renewable Storage to pick up our trailer. We saw on their website that they opened at 8:00 so we left our house at 7:14. Guess the joke was on us. They open at 10:00 Christine was very apologetic about that.

We called Alan as we got closer to Montreal. Alan was waiting for us at St-Andre’s in St-Philippe where Alan gave D’Arcy a hand at getting the trailer off the hitch by pulling the slider arm out in our truck and also helped at leveling the trailer.

We all headed to see Mom at we Hospital. Alan wrote me an email the night before we came down that our mother was brought in by ambulance. This was a sad time for me because I do not like to see a loved one in the Hospital.

When we finished our visit we parted because Alan had to work the next day. We agreed to see each the next day.

D'Arcy and I went to a Jam in L`ile Perrot just near where my Mom and Dad used to live. The name of the restaurant where the Jam was held was Smoke Meat Pete. The person putting on this Jam was Pat. This was an early Jam it finished at 12 midnight.

The band liked what D'Arcy was doing on his guitar so much that they kept him up for most of the rest of the night.

If was a great name for the restaurant because Montreal is known for it's fabulous Smoke Meat. Both D'Arcy and I had a plate of a smoke meat sandwich coleslaw a dill pickle and French fries. We returned to our camp grounds tired and happy.

Friday we did some computer stuff and I put up pictures in the game room here on the camp grounds.

I took a picture of a pond with a little waterfall sticking up and was told by D'Arcy that always having running water keeps the mosquitoes from breeding.

We bought some groceries,then we decided to look at newer fifth wheel trailers. We came back, put our groceries away, then left to meet Alan at the hospital. While we were visiting my Mom, Crystal, Alan's eldest daughter, joined us after finishing her nursing shift at St Marys hospital. Crystal works at the same hospital that D'Arcy and I were born in.

On our way to the hospital D'Arcy and I reminisced when we saw the Snowdon Theatre which is boarded up now but is where D'Arcy said that he saw his first James Bond movie, Doctor No, in the theatre.

Alan paid for a birthday dinner for D'Arcy at The Rail, a restaurant on the Khanawake reservation. We went to his house to listen to D'Arcy's CD that we gave him.

Saturday, Alan visited our trailer then had to go because he was busy elsewhere. We had lunch at Scores with D'Arcy's cousins Tim and Brian Glover. Then we met Alan at the Hospital. Then went to supper at Casa Grecque. We took some pictures at his house then went home.

Sunday, We saw Mom one more time. D'Arcy and I went back to Smoke Meat Pete. Alan cane to join us. It was a different band. They only let D'Arcy play his guitar about three songs not like Thursday. Alan got to see D'Arcy on his guitar. Alan left after he heard D'Arcy and we stayed for a bit then left around 12:00.

Monday we weren't sure if we should stay another day. We decided to leave. we left around 1:05 and got home around 9:00.

We had a wonderful time seeing Mom, Alan and Crystal.

Crystal and Carol visiting Mom - Sept 4 2015

Pictures day one.

Pictures day two.

Pictures day three.

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