2015.09.19 Visiting Charlene and Bryan

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On this cloudy day D'Arcy and I drove to Innisfil to see Charlene and Bryan and their new house. We arrived there and I was amazed they had neighbors because we are used to seeing them living on farms.

The house was beautiful. I think Charlene told me it was 4 years old. Besides the house they have two beautiful cats one named James Brown because he doesn't meow he yells like James Brown. Of course we had to play their favorite game, follow the red dot.

D'Arcy taught Charlene everything she wanted to know about texting and other operations on her phone.

Of course we showed off our new truck. We also took pictures near the truck, We have the Ram and Bryan has the Silverado.

D'Arcy brought my laptop so he could put pictures of lasts visits on a stick for them to see on their TV.

Bryan made us a yummy dinner of lamb chops with baby potatoes and green beans. Hats off to the chef.

Then it was time for D'Arcy to show Bryan what he could do at the pool table downstairs in the basement. Unfortunately I forgot my camera upstairs but just imagine D'Arcy and Byran around the pool table.

Then it was time to say goodnight to our friends.

Carol with Charlene and Bryan

More pictures.