2015.10.31 BBF Halloween Bash

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This is the first Beaches Blues Fest Halloween Bash that was celebrated at the offices of "Your Ward News" in East York. D'Arcy did not have any trouble finding a band to perform with. He just made a call to Malcolm Martin and they put together an excellent show. D'Arcy was also the sound guy for this event. D'Arcy performs well with any band he plays with.

We have to thank LeRoy for letting us put on the Halloween Bash here this year.

A few of us got there early to set up so D'Arcy Cain and Johnny Jensen sang a few songs together. Johnny Jensen sang alone for a while and then joined Bonnie Memphis. Then we were entertained by Warp Drive Kittens, the new Lee Van Leer band with James Gibner on Drums, Lynn Walker on Base, D'Arcy Cain on Guitar and Lee Van Leer on Keyboard and Vocals. D'Arcy Cain performed one song on Bass. Bridget Taylor sang her little heart out with Caroline accompanying her.

This was followed by Martin and Cain, a new group with D'Arcy Cain on guitar and vocals, James Gibner on drums and Malcolm Martin on bass and vocals. They were asked for encores.

There were new people coming in all evening to join in the fun and entertainment.

Last but not least there was Karen Wildchilde performing songs on her guitar.

What a fun evening of entertainment.

If that wasn't enough on our way home D'Arcy and I stopped in to see our dear friends Mallory and her husband at the Legion Hall. We chatted and had some food and drinks and said our good byes and then we went home after a great night.

D'Arcy, James and Malcolm at the Beaches Blues Fest Halloween Bash 2015

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