2015.11.03 Winterizing Our fifth Wheel

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It was a nice fall day when we decided it was time to winterize our trailer. Last year we brought it in to Owasco for winterizing but, this year we called and they said they could take our trailer only at the end of November.The pipes might freeze by then.

We said to ourselves how hard can it be? We called Renewable Storage and they said we could do it down there. We called up our friends Bryan and then Gary for pointers. We thank them for their advice.

We went to the nearest Canadian Tire to buy -50°C Prestone plumbing anti-freeze to put in the water drains so that it doesn't freeze during the winter and it will be all ready for us to take it out in 2016.

When we got there we took what we forgot in the trailer last time. D'Arcy needed power but instead of hooking up and bringing it to the front he decided to get his jumper cables to jump start our trailer and it worked. My cane came in handy for reaching his jumper cables in the cab of the truck.

Then D'Arcy opened all the taps and drains while pumping out the fresh water tank. After that he poured the anti-freeze down the drains to flush out the last of the water.

It was time to go then. While we were in Pickering we called Monica, D'Arcy's sister, and met her at Tim Hortons for coffee and tea.

Then we went home and hope for the best at our first time at winterizing our trailer. We will see next year.

Cane helping Cain get the cables

More pictures.