2015.11.22 An Evening Of Music

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D'Arcy and I made arrangements to meet Monica, D'Arcy's sister, because this jam was in Pickering, her neck of the woods. This jam was hosted at West Shore Bar and Grill by our good friend Paul Storm.

The band consisted of Jon McCann on drums, John Huntley on Bass and Paul Storm on electric guitar and vocals. This was Paul's first time hosting this jam. Paul was filling in for the Juggernaut who used to run the jam but they got too big and moved on to a bar in Ajax called The Edge Lounge.

We had supper at the West Shore Bar and Grill with Monica, D'Arcy's sister, Steve, Monica's Son and Steve's two children Quinn and Owen, and Kim Edwards a very good friend of ours. I used to take Kim's daughter to school.

Everyone enjoyed D'Arcy's playing. D'Arcy also played while another jammer was setting up his pedals.

Both Owen and Quinn had fun watching their uncle D'Arcy play his guitar. Quinn and Owen were shy to dance until Gran Monica went up with them then watch out! The kids took over the dance floor.

Owen did a break dance everyone liked that. Quinn danced around with her brother. Their uncle D'Arcy gave them Shakers which they enjoyed until it was time for them to go.

We left shortly after. Since it was early we went to see the Juggernaut over at The Edge Lounge just down the street in Ajax. D'Arcy played there and they enjoyed his playing.

Then we called it a night and went home we watched a bit of TV. then off to bed.

That was a fun day of family and music.

Quinn and Owen listening to Uncle D'Arcy rock out

More pictures.