2015.11.28 Living With a Musician

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Ever since we were dating D'Arcy had a guitar. I married him anyway in May of 1972 so it's been 43 years and I would marry him all over again. I Love D'Arcy so much. I tell you living with a musician isn't boring.

D'Arcy bought his first guitar at the Russian pavilion during Expo 67 in our home town of Montreal.

We celebrated D'Arcy's sixtieth birthday at the Black Swan in Toronto. I arranged to get a Birthday Cake made of the exact duplicate of D'Arcy's five string Jazz bass and I even got on stage and sang Happy Birthday to the love of my life.

After many years of playing for fun D'Arcy became serious about playing at his first Beaches Blues Fest in July of 2003 about 12 years ago at Berkeley Church in Toronto. Put on by LeRoy St. Germaine.

Since then we have been to many jams and D'Arcy was in a couple of bands. Some of the musicians ask me what I play I answer I don't play I take pictures and they are OK with that. Sometimes when D'Arcy and I walk into a jam they look to see if I brought my camera.

In fact my love of taking pictures has given me the opportunity to meet many musicians. They love when I email them the pictures for that night, because they see what they look like on stage. D'Arcy sometimes make me laugh by saying that he will only get invited to a jam if I came along too!

D'Arcy brought me on tour in 2012 to Newfoundland in our fifth wheel trailer with Frank and Benny, they went as three bands a country band, a rock band and a ZZ Top Tribute band. Guess what band was the most popular? If your answer was ZZ Top you are so right. That was my favourite band too.

I took pictures and when we got home I emailed them. The people are so friendly and they don't let you go hungry.

Now we have been happily married for forty three wonderful years and still counting.

All my pictures are on my web site and I keep updating the pictures.

D'Arcy has a web site called Big Smoke Music where he tries to put in all jams happening in Toronto.

D'Arcy on guitar