2015.12.16 Pat Visits the Cains

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Pat paid us a visit on her way back from an appointment. Pat brought us two presents A Christmas Cactus and a set of four wine glasses as well as some doughnuts from Tom Hortons.

Then I showed her that we bought some cookies. So we had lots to eat along with the tea and coffee I made.

I asked her if I could open our presents and not wait for Santa to deliver them.

I opened the Christmas Cactus and it was just like I dug in the dirt with it. Some dirt was on the floor and on my hands.

When I opened the box of wine glasses I laughed because I remember when we visited Pat and Howard at their apartment I said that I keep breaking wine glasses so the wine glasses that she bought had a crystal pattern but they were plastic. Now I'm sure not to break them. Every time we drink out of our wine glasses I will think of Pat and Howard. D'Arcy said the wine glasses will come in handy in our trailer.

Of course we had to take pictures I am sure Pat expected that of me.

After we took our pictures and D'Arcy took his cup of coffee he went back to work at his computer.

Pat and I enjoyed our tea and coffee with cookies and doughnuts along with girl talk.

We talked about my one month stay in Sunnybrook and the hard time I had to come home. I made Pat laugh when I said to look on the fridge I still had the menu from Green Lady which we ordered from the night I got home from the hospital. Pat and Howard were there and enjoyed the meal with us. I could just imagine what she was thinking. I know this is silly "Oh Carol, you keep that?"

We also talked about the cookie jar I bought a long time ago. It is a pig dressed in jeans, t-shirt and suspenders. The funny thing about that is when D'Arcy saw the cookie jar he said you didn't ! D'Arcy used to dress the same way. His friend saw a picture of D'Arcy with the cookie jar and said "I bet there are more cookies in the big one".

Then we sent Pat home with the rest of the doughnuts for Howard.

The unbreakable wine glasses

More pictures.