2016.01.11 Mary Garden's Drop In

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D'Arcy dropped me off in front of the door where Randy greeted me. Then Mary took over and introduced me as a great and well organized convener. Then my better half came in to join the party after parking the truck.

Mary did it again this year by throwing another great drop in party with fabulous food and interesting and friendly guests.

We saw familiar faces and faces I haven't seen in a very long time like Louise Steele which brought back fond memories of me as a convener for Cosmos Soccer. Louise, it was so nice to see you again. Louise showed me some pictures of her latest grandchild. Louise is now a proud grandmother of two.

Of course the children took over the grown-ups attention like they should. D'Arcy did some magic like pushing a quarter throw a ring which I saw many time. Then he told everyone in the living room that he stayed home during the holidays "Caroling". I guess after forty three years I heard all his jokes.

We all talked about how things have changed like phones, computer games and so on.

Then it was time to leave, but not before I took more pictures to create good memories.

As I was going up the stairs Ella was falling down the stairs I stopped her little head with my knee.

D'Arcy and I went home watched some TV then off to Grossman's for a Sunday night Jam. D'Arcy was very entertaining with his five string bass.

Well that was a great ending to a great day. Thanks again Mary for a great party.

The Mary's and Ella

More pictures.