2016.01.28 Cain Gang Christmas Dinner

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For many years The Cain Gang, D'Arcy's first band, held Christmas Dinner at the Granite Brewery or at Gary Singleton's house. This year the Granite Brewery won and we went there. There was Gary, Jenny, Jeremy, D'Arcy and myself.

Granite Brewery is a nice and friendly English pub where they have several types of Ales brewed on site.

Stephanie unfortunately was not able to make it tonight due to taking out a molar.

D'Arcy brought along his new toy, an Android tablet, to put all of his songs on. That is what held the attention of D'Arcy and Jeremy. D'Arcy tried to use it to Skype with Steph but it did not work.

There was much reminiscing and joking. D'Arcy recalled how he first talked to Gary about joining the band. We had been going to jams trying to find a singer with no luck. We decided to try Karaoke bars. We didn't have much luck there either until we went to the California Bar on Pape and heard Gary sing. Later D'Arcy and Gary happened to be in the washroom and D'Arcy suggested the idea of joining the band. We refer to it as the time D'Arcy accosted Gary in the men's room.

Then we all talked about what medical ailments we had, we talked about music also. D'Arcy and Jeremy talked about how they might be playing Pride week here in Toronto with Mike Nagoda.

Stephanie you should have been there.The guys needed your help with more jokes. We missed your witty charm.

It was a nice evening.

The Cain Gang - 2016

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