2016.01.24 The Lee Van Leer open jam

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As many of you heard, Lee Van Leer passed away. It is sad to say, but life goes on. We heard that Lee Van Lee respected D'Arcy and I. That was nice to hear. What better way to thank Lee then for D'Arcy and I to try and keep his jam going. Lee's last jam at Your Ward News was on Jan 10, 2016, the day before he died.

D'Arcy was helping Lee with the jam so he will continue doing it. D'Arcy brought a drummer, Jason Fountain from Burlington, to help out.

When we got there D'Arcy started setting up. LeRoy came and we discussed the tribute we are planning for our good friend and we listened to Lee's CD Thumbs Up. Lee you will always be with us.

Of course we will always see Lee in spirit smiling down on the left side in the front bellowing out songs and playing his keyboard.

Lee would always see that I had water and some date squares.

If anyone would like to attend Lee Van Leer's tribute, a celebration of his life, please keep watching his web site at We will be putting up the details soon.

Any pictures you may have of Lee please send them to We want to put them in a digital picture frame.

Jason, D'Arcy and Don remembering Lee's jam

More pictures.