2016.02.28 A tribute to Lee Van Leer

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D'Arcy and I met Lee Van Leer's daughter Debbie, her husband Kevin and granddaughter Chantal for the first time under very sad circumstances. He seemed to have kept his musical life separate from his private life.

D'Arcy and I met Lee Van Leer around 2003. D'Arcy started to play in his band "Trill" around 2006 and other bands off and on. He had many bands with many of the same people. Just the band name changed around them. The last one was "The Lee Van Leer Show" He seemed to like the pictures I took.

D'Arcy and I helped empty his apartment and collect all his belongings with his family. The odor in his apartment was unforgettable.

Saturday, Feb 6, 2016, there was a spot on CJ/Lee on Danny Marks' radio show, BLUZ FM. BLUZ FM airs from 8 pm - midnight Saturdays on jazz.fm91. Listen at 91.1 fm or on line at

The funeral was on February 10, 2015 at Giffen-Mack Funeral Home here in Toronto. Many of his friends came and to reminisce about Lee.

The day has finally arrived when we celebrated the life of our dear friend at the Keating Channel Pub. This is an Irish Tradition the celebration of life. Feeny (from Irish Na FĂ­neadha, meaning "the woods") is a village and townland in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. It is between Dungiven and Claudy.

Let's thank D'Arcy Cain for putting all this together. Devoting his time so everyone could say their last goodbye to the great Lee Van Lee and playing his music. We must not forget Kid Carson supplying sound and the back line from his own company called Kiddie Car Music and a terrific sound person Gerrit and Mike the manager. Also thanks to Benny Sanders, LeRoy St.Germaine, Donn Woods and everyone else who helped make the night a success.

D'Arcy, our handsome host for the evening, did a great job. He also performed with the surviving members of Lee Van Leer's last band.

A lot of his friends paid a very nice tribute to Lee by playing his songs. Lee you would have loved it! Everyone enjoyed playing for you. Now you are playing with some of your favorite people who went ahead and prepared the stage for you. D'Arcy found a picture of Lee Van Leer in the 1980's riding a bicycle with a piano attached around the CNE. His friends have sent some pictures to D'Arcy and I so we can add them to the pictures we have.

We hope you play many concerts in heaven. You will be missed. You not only played well you were famous among the famous. We heard a story from Danny Marks about talking to Paul Shaffer on the phone and before Paul hung up he asked about JC Feeny which was Lee Van Leers real name.

Here's to CJ Feeny/Lee Van Leer. You will not be forgotten.

Lee and his stuff

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