2016.03.14 D'Arcy Joins Brian and Bill

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When D'Arcy and I started to go to Grossman's Sunday jam, Paul McNamara played bass, Brian Cober played double slide guitar and Bill Hedefine played Drums and they were The Nationals'.

D'Arcy learned a great deal from Paul McNamara. In fact you may have called Paul D'Arcy's mentor.

When Paul passed away in 2008, Brian and Bill, the remaining members of The Nationals' started a rotation of the best bass players in Toronto. There is a different bass player every Sunday.

It is not D'Arcy first time playing bass in the rotation and he loves it. In fact I can see the kid in D'Arcy every time he plays music. He enjoys playing and having me in the audience watching him. D'Arcy was so proud to join the rotation of bass players along with the likes of Terry Wilkins, Gary Kendell, Abbey Sholzberg, Guenther Kapelle and many other great bass players.

As always, I was there to take pictures.

D'Arcy playing with Brian and Bill

More pictures.