2016.03.30 D'Arcy Joins Other Band

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D'Arcy tried out for another band and got in. No surprise there but he is playing something different. He brought his keyboard along. The keyboard is an instrument that he taught himself to play.

D'Arcy was always interested in playing keys after watching his father play the piano in the living room with all the Cains singing along. Joe Cain also played the organ at Church.

D'Arcy has a Roland Keyboard with 88 weighted keys.

On Wednesday April 6, 2016 D'Arcy and I drove to High Park where I had the pleasure of meeting Fergus Mclaren and his lovely wife Dee, their two lovely daughters Maggie and Halle and their dog Basil.

We went downstairs where I had the pleasure of hearing D'Arcy on Keyboard, Fergus on Bass, Bryan on guitar and vocals and Steve on Drums.

The band called Bonspiel plays a lot of songs that D'Arcy never played before but like a pro D'Arcy had no trouble doing them.

Guys you sound great.

Bonspiel - April 2016

More pictures.