2016.05.24 Our First Trip of the Season

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D'Arcy and I went out for our first long trip of the summer season by going to Renewable Storage to get our fifth wheel trailer and see if our first trial at winterizing was a success we expected that we did fine for our first try and we had a very mild winter. It turned out fine.

Our first trip was to Lindsay and camping 2 days at Riverwood Park. With our Passport America we have a 50% discount so instead of $50.00 a night it only cost us $50.00 for both nights. This was a short trip just to check it out and make sure there were no issues before taking it out for a longer trip.

We got there and were assigned lot 162 but when D'Arcy went to all the trouble to back in he then found out the drain couldn't be used. Someone must have damaged the drain. We called and they were very sorry and gave us lot 152. We met our neighbours in fact Jim one of our neighbours he was cutting the grass at the time helped D'Arcy by guiding him in our lot which was a bit of a challenge because they had just put down new sod and it was a tight squeeze to avoid running over it.

The pool was closed so we went down to Riverwood beach to cool down. That night we had some home made chilli that we brought with us. D'Arcy said that he had to rough it because we forgot the Frank's hot sauce.

We went to a jam in Peterborough hosted by Randy Hill at The Black Horse Pub. It was an acoustic jam so Randy lent D'Arcy his guitar. I just happened to bring my camera so I took pictures. I asked Randy if he wanted the pictures so he gave me his email.

We had terrific omelettes one morning and a great stir fry that night made by D'Arcy the chef.

Since we were up a little early we did some computer work in the laundry room before leaving because there was a table there. No, we didn't do laundry. That's not in our holiday description.

On our way home we dropped the fifth wheel at L&H R.V. Services in Omemee for some minor repairs like putting stabilizers etc. Then we stopped in Pickering and had coffee and tea at Tim Horton's with Monica, D'Arcy's sister then home to Toronto.

We had a great time.

D'Arcy preparing dinner

More pictures.