2016.06.06 Our Trip To Ottawa

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Monday we headed out to L&H R.V.Services in Omemee to pick up our fifth wheel. We had dropped it off there on our way home from our last trip to Lindsay. We had some minor repairs like installing stabilizers etc. Then we headed out to a camp ground called Poplar Grove Camp/RV Park also near Ottawa. We had a spaghetti supper.

It is the Fiftieth Anniversary of Poplar Grove Camp/RV Park from 1966 to 2016.

Tuesday D'Arcy had a conference call with one of Vybe's clients in his newly decorated office in the big room with the blue and white ceiling. It's so funny watching him walk through the park with his cellphone glued to his ear. It's quite a sight to see in his office attire.

I worked in the same office to put pictures up and start my journal in my PJ's.

D'Arcy put the awning up on our trailer. Tip - if it is raining: D'Arcy puts one side of the awning higher then the other side so the rain would roll off one side instead of in front.

D'Arcy used the stand that his sister Monica gave him for his tablet. It works great. His tablet stands on his desk which resembles a picnic table.

We went to see my brother Robert and his lovely wife Laura at their beautiful home in Kanata for a yummy supper of taco's and all the fillings and for desert Sugar or Apple pie with ice cream, tea and coffee and and the occasional glass of wine. Jonathon joined us at the table and their two lovable dogs Chelsea and Ella were not far. Maybe their thought was to pick up any scraps of food that we happen to drop. We had plenty of stimulating conversation.

After a great visit we drove to our camp site to get D'Arcy's instruments then off to The Newfoundland Pub on Montreal Road to listen to some great music hosted by a dear friend of ours Reif Spano. Everyone was glad to see us. Right away D'Arcy played with Reif. As we left Reif said that we don't come down enough. Reif is in the brown t-shirt.

The jam finished at midnight. All the Ottawa jams seen to finish early.

As usual I took pictures and I collected another email because this person wants pictures. I already emailed them to him.

Wednesday was a day day we got up early. D'Arcy answered emails and helped clients then the master chef made omelettes. We went swimming in the indoor pool at Poplar Grove. We had the pool all to ourselves. Then back to the trailer for home made Chili. This time D'Arcy doesn't have to rough it because I remembered his hot sauce. We thought we would try a new jam Reif told D'Arcy about at Sonny's Bar and Grill hosted by Reif's friend's on Baxter Road which ended at 1:00

Thursday we had a quick breakfast of raisin toast then we met more of our neighbours as more RV's entered the camp grounds and others left. One of our neighbours backed up his RV on the wrong side of the hookups so he was surprised when there was no power. He had to turn around and go in on the right side. That was entertaining to see as we were eating our dinner.

We went to go grocery shopping then came back and made a salad. Then off to another jam hosted by our friend Reif Spano at The Neighbourhood Pub situated on Baseline Road, There was a thirteen year old boy playing in Reif's band. His name was Lee. He did an excellent job on his guitar. His dad Ray gave me their email so I can email them the pictures. So did Natalie the lady that sang. Lee's Dad is in the black and white T-shirt playing the black bass and Natalie has a black and white skirt. The jam finished around 11.

While we were in Ottawa they had a huge sinkhole right outside the Rideau Centre. The locksmith whose van slipped into the sinkhole Wednesday says the vehicle — and everything inside it — is down there to stay. The sinkhole formed about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, at a light rail construction site next to the Rideau Centre just two blocks east of the Château Laurier Hotel.

Now we come to Friday We had some cereal then off to the laundry room in the camp grounds. D'Arcy drove me because it was too far for me to walk. I told D'Arcy I hope I still remember how to do laundry since I am not allowed down in the basement to do it since I came home from Sunnybrook on November 20, 2013. It all came back. I did the laundry while D'Arcy picked up my reading glasses that we had left at Hakim. They must have felt sorry for me because we brought my glasses in an old glass case and when D'Arcy brought them back to me I had a new glass case with "Sir Karin Hakimi Signature Series" written on it. D'Arcy picked me and the laundry up dropped me at the trailer. He then left for BSDCan, a technical conference that he came down for.

I put the clothes away then I went slowly around the campgrounds and took pictures. I put the pictures of the day on the computer. D'Arcy phoned and said he was on his way home.

Sunday D'Arcy made his famous bacon and eggs with toast. We made a reservation for the camp ground near Montreal.

This weekend we were glad we were not tenting because of the weather. It was cold and we had some rain.

Yes, we do have the nerve to call this camping! Like we camp in a 30 ft. trailer. with kitchen, front room, bathroom shower and bath, and a queen size bed.

We had a great time in Ottawa now on to Montreal. Can't wait to get back on the road for more adventures. We had a great time!

Robert, D'Arcy, Carol, Laura (holding Ella) and Jonathan (holding Chelsea)

More pictures.