2016.06.13 Visiting Montreal

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Sunday morning as we were eating our cereal I took some picture of the great view we see through our picture window every day from where we eat while at St-Andre's Camping in St-Philipp

We left St-Andre's Camping in St-Philipp not before the girl at the front office telling D'Arcy that someone ran into a tree and that is why their wifi went down this morning. Their Wifi still wasn't very good anyway. Maybe in the future this will improve. In fact D'Arcy gave then his Vybe business card.

We also had to go to Stinson Fuels to fill the propane tanks.

Monday we met my brother Alan. We all got into Alan's car and headed to the hospital to see my mother. Mom was not in a talkative mood. I sat in her wheelchair and when ever I got up it beeped then I found out why the wheelchair beeped. Mom sits in her wheelchair then gets up and fall down. The beeping lets the attendants know to check her. In order for me to get up Alan had to stop the beep.

I took pictures of Mom, me and Alan then Mom and D'Arcy. Mom would start to say something then forgot what she was saying. You have to give Mom 'A' for effort.

We tried Skyping with my sister Norma in Calgary. Norma's talk with Mom didn't go well. Mom asked If I got a new hat. I said "No Mom." I asked her if she would like to try the hat on. Mom did and I was there to capture the moment.

We all left for a great supper at Boston Pizza. Thank you Alan for picking up the tab. All of us did not have Pizza we all had a Pasta dish plus tea and coffee.

Alan drove us back to our truck then D'Arcy and I thought it was time to get more groceries so we went to Super C a grocery store in Montreal. We saw a rainbow and D'Arcy took a picture of it. I just wonder if there is a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

On Tuesday we woke to toast,then we toured the camp site. We met up with Alan and his new girlfriend Donna who is very nice at Ristorante Portivno. We had a little trouble because our GPS was leading us some place else. And there was talk the night before about going to scores or Ristorante Portivno, so we walked into Scores by mistake. Ristorante Portivno was only a walk away in the same plaza.

I had a rack of lamb and chocolate mousse. While eating my dessert the glass broke inward. The waiters were so nice there that they gave me another one. D'Arcy had a steak and cheese cake.

On Wednesday we had omelets them off to see Mom again. She was sleeping when we got there. I let how know we were there by touching her she opened her eyes. Mom tried to talk but in French, her first language. It was more like mumbling. It hurts to see her this way when I look back at everything my Mom has done for us.

We stopped on the way home to take a short nap. When we came out of the trailer we heard the sound of a sheep from the truck next to us. I guess we were supposed to count them before our nap.

Now our trailer is back at Renewable Storage ready for another outing.

Mom in my hat

More pictures.