2016.06.20 Photographer gets New Camera

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It was time for me to upgrade from a Canon EOS Rebel T3 EOS 1100D which I had since August 2012. Sometimes the flash doesn't come up on it because it has a sticking problem and the lens is hard to turn when I want to use the zoom. We bought one on Monday June 20, 2016 at Walmart. It is a Canon EOS Rebel T5 EOS 1200D. I will continue taking pictures with ease and not fighting with the camera.

My old Canon EOS Rebel T3 EOS 1100D had a lens cap which just screwed on and when I take it off to take pictures I tend to lose it. My new Camera has a locking lens cap. I will be trying very hard to remember to lock my lens cap after using the camera.

I take pictures in order to keep memorable moments I also write my journal in order to remember what happens in my life. Also because I like it.

Canon Rebel EOS T5