2016.07.02 Painting the Pin of Our Trailer

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On this cloudy day we decided to go to Home Depot to buy a can of Tremclad, a paint brush and other paint things. Then we phoned Christine at Renewable Storage to ask her to let us in. D'Arcy did all the painting of the pin of our trailer while I supervised by saying "you missed a spot" but my work also involved other things like taking pictures and trying to stay up with that gravel under my feet. Now our trailer looks good. Then we said good bye to Christine as she let us out.

While we were in Pickering we decided to phone Monica, D'Arcy's sister to see what she was up to . Monica said come over. We got there and she had a different task to help her with. Monica wanted us to help her eat home made strawberry shortcake with big fat strawberries and whipped cream. It was a dirty job but we were up to the task.

D'Arcy putting the finishing touches on the trailer pin

More pictures.