2016.07.23 Mike Nagoda At London Pride

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Mike Nagoda and the Spectrum Blues Band played London Pride. D'Arcy and I headed out Saturday morning picking up the rest of the band on the way. Since we were early leaving home we stopped at Sobey's to pick up some bottled water for everyone.

This year our truck was full with the members of the band and their instruments. D'Arcy taxied Mike Nagoda who plays double slide guitar and vocals, Jeremy Ronson who plays drums, Peter Johnston who plays guitar and D'Arcy who plays bass. Together they make up "Mike Nagoda And The Spectrum Blues Band". I tagged along to see a great performance and take some pictures.

They didn't need to bring amplifiers but D'Arcy told them he may throw his head in the car just in case but he probably won't use it. We all laughed at the turn of phrase. A head is simply the name for an amplifier without a speaker.

We arrived at Victoria Park in London, the site of London Pride. The stage was set up a bit different from last year. They went on at 5:30. The sound persons were great. It was very hot though.

After their great performance we all headed to the truck not before we had two pictures in front of the truck. Jeremy on the left, Mike, D'Arcy and Peter.

We loaded the truck and headed to Toronto stopping at a Flying J just outside of London on. The restaurant was Denny's.

We dropped everyone at their place after a tiring but fun day. We all will meet up again on August 6th to start preparing for Mike's next album.

Jeremy Ronson, Mike Nagoda, D'Arcy Cain and Peter Johnston

More pictures.