2016.09.11 D'Arcy plays bass at Grossman's

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D'Arcy and I headed down to Grossman's. Grossman Tavern is one of the city’s longest-running live music venues, and Toronto’s self-described “Home of the Blues”.

D'Arcy was the host bass player for Brian Cober who plays double slide guitar and sings and Bill Hedefine on Drums.

Ever since Paul McNamara passed away in August 2008 Brian has invited a different "fabulous" bass player every week and this week it was D'Arcy's turn. Ever since Paul McNamara passed away in August 2008. D'Arcy says that he had learned a lot from listening to Paul play.

This is a great Jam. We always have a lot of fun. I can always be tempted to take pictures of that night.

D'Arcy playing with Brian and Bill at Grossmans Sept 11 2016

More pictures.