2016.09.20 D'Arcy and I Started a Family Tree

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D'Arcy and I started our family trees. We started after we went to the celebration of life that was held at McDougall & Brown for his uncle Gerald King who he hasn't seen since he was a little boy. Gerald King was on his fathers side. Linda D'Arcy's older sister invited both of us to join her family tree. We are now working on the Cain's and the Cotes.

With the help of Linda, Monica, Agnes and Pat we are finding out some amazing stuff.

We found out I had an Aunt called Eliza Lusty so now D'Arcy nicknamed me Lusty. D'Arcy had a cousin named D'Arcy which we never met because he died at the ripe old age of thirteen before D'Arcy was born.

D'Arcy surprised his Cousin Beverly with a phone call and she was nice enough to give us some information that we needed. She was curious as to why we were doing this. D'Arcy replied we are just the two of us, no children and we wanted to know where we came from beside the obvious.

D'Arcy's side of the tree