2016.10.01 Goodbye Donn Woods

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Donn Woods -1948 to 2016

Tragedy struck overnight as we received a call from LeRoy, a friend of ours telling us that Donn Woods had passed away. Donn was known to always have a smile for everyone.

Police investigated after Donn was found dead on a Mimico roadway in Etobicoke. His bike was also found at the scene. They were concerned that it was a hit and run but it turned out to be a heart attack.

It was ironic because Donn called D'Arcy a week before because he was worried about LeRoy who is in poor health and he wasn't answering his phone. Then it was LeRoy who called us to tell us about Donn.

Donn also phoned D'Arcy two days before to talk about doing a project called "Jamaoke", a cross between Karaoke and open jam. He asked D'Arcy if he wanted to play guitar. D'Arcy agreed and was just waiting for the full song list.

D'Arcy jammed with Donn Woods on many occasions. Donn played bass and sang while D'Arcy played guitar and also sang. Donn was in a group called Honeymoon Suite and also led a band called Scavenger. All his friends call him Donny.

We last saw Donn Woods at the Celebration of life for our friend Lee Van Leer. Donny was very helpful unloading and loading all the equipment for the show.

D'Arcy and Donn playing together 2016_02_21