2016.11.27 New Orleans Trip Part 1

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Sunday Yay! the day has arrived we had a little turbulence on the way down but nothing serious. There was no trouble with setting off the alarms at security with my titanium bar in my leg. I placed my cane in the tray and just limped in with a plastic cane they loaned me.

Then Vic Cangelosia picked us up from the airport. He drove us to the place we are staying in for the next ten days. The house is owned by Brent Conatser, a guy D'Arcy found on Craig's list. Brent calls this his "Voodoo Shack". We decided to call it our "Love Shack". It is actually a converted slaves quarters. They knocked down walls between three slave units to make one apartment.

We decided to venture out to supper at a place called "Gumbo Shop" a place Brent recommended. We found the food to be excellent there. All the food we tasted so far was excellent. Then we continued our journey but not before I asked directions from a "mulecorn", a mule dressed up like a unicorn, but he did not know. He was waiting until some people got in the back of his wagon. This is one of the Tours around New Orleans.

We sampled some of the night life which is not hard to find. There are many places that have music like "The Spotted Cat." and "Bambouli's" which we stopped at that night. We took an Uber home to our"Love Shack".

Monday we went by trolley to "The Ruby Slipper Cafe" for breakfast. We met people from Italy and other places. The people from Italy told us where "Ruby Slipper Cafe" was. We also met people from California. Then we went to see St. Louis Cathedral where we met the people from Italy again. I guess it is a small world after all.

We took Uber again to Payless where we bought more comfortable shoes for walking. Our feet were pretty sore by then.

Our friend Vic picked us up for an evening of Jams. We went to a place called "DMac's Bar & Grill" where D'Arcy played his Bass. While Vic and I watched because Vic didn't play that night. We had supper there. Then off to 30/90 to listen to more music. D'Arcy also played there.

Tuesday we ate at "IHOP Restaurant" on Canal Street where I tried Red Velvet Pancakes. We tried to go to Celebration In the Oaks. Unfortunately we got the dates wrong so we will go later. Before we left we ate at a restaurant on the property called "Morning Call".

Then just maybe we go to hear more music. So we wound up on Frenchmen Street where we checked out a few bars and wound up at "BMC" which stands for Balcony Music Club. D'Arcy talked to some band members and arranged to meet them the next night.

Wednesday we took Uber to "Cafe Du Monde". This is an open air restaurant. We had beignets, their specialty, then we took some tour by trolley going up the St. Charles line.

That night we went to "Vaso" on Decatur where D'Arcy joined in along with the house band The Budz. D'Arcy also joined the Jam Band called The Blueberries later. There was people there from all over the world. New Orleans is the best for music.

Thursday we went to breakfast at a restaurant called "Eat" and when we left we received a recipe card for "OKRA & Shrimp Gumbo". We went to the house for a nap. Walking and listening to music is hard work. We had supper at "Dat Dog". We walked to "Cafe Negril" and listened to another terrific band.

The people are warm and friendly here they always say "How y'all doing". We don't even feel like tourists because everyone is so friendly.

D'Arcy playing with the Budz

More pictures.