2016.11.04 Happy 75th LeRoy St Germaine

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D'Arcy and I helped LeRoy St Germaine celebrate his Seventy-Fifth birthday. Johnny Jensen and Karen Wildchilde sang a few songs that LeRoy really liked. Bonnie Memphis played with Johnny on guitar. Then Benny Sanders got on drums and D'Arcy got on bass to help Johnny and Bonnie sing some good old fashioned Rock and Roll.

Sexy Sady congratulated LeRoy saying it is nice being seventy-five years on this planet. She sang two versions of Happy Birthday, one as Sady and then sang the unforgettable "Happy Birthday, Mr.President" a song, sang by the actress and singer Marilyn Monroe on Saturday May 19, 1962 for President John F Kennedy on his celebration of his forty-fifth birthday for those who remember back then. Ray also joined on Harp.

Then there was cake.

Happy Seventy-Fifth Birthday LeRoy and many more. Sorry no pictures I took the camera but forgot the chip at home. But I saw other camera's there. Here's a picture that D'Arcy took on his tablet.

Happy Seventy-fifth birthday to LeRoy St. Germaine