2016.11.20 The Making of Outside the Box

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D'Arcy, Jeremy, Peter, Anthony and other guests joined Mike Nagoda to record his new album "Outside the Box" at Revolution Recording. They went to the studio with the producer Chris Brikett and his assistant Phil for four days to lay down ten tracks.

I went down Thursday evening at the end of the day to join Mike, Jeremy, Peter and D'Arcy for dinner at Boston Pizza. Then Mike, Nicole, D'Arcy and I went to Grossman's for The Tribute to Brian Cober where Grossman's was packed with musicians expressing their support and love to Brian. Brian was supposed to be on the album but his illness prevented him from joining the session. We all hope that he can do his part later.

I returned to the studio Friday and Sunday to take pictures.

Mike Nagoda and the Spectrum Blues Band consists of Mike Nagoda on his double slide guitar and vocals, D'Arcy Cain playing bass, Jeremy Ronson on drums and Peter Johnston on electric guitar.

On Friday Anthony D'Alessandro joined them on the piano. This is Anthony's first time playing with Mike. Anthony is fabulous on the piano at such a young age. I of course took some pictures. Then we stopped off and had supper at Wendy's.

Saturday I was not at the recording studio, but I'm sure they handled it fine without me.

Sunday I returned to take pictures of everyone involved in the making of "Outside the Box." The guys took a lunch break on Sunday so D'Arcy, me, Jermey and Peter went across to Loblaws to have lunch. Then back to work.

Just before we left Phil took D'Arcy, me and Nicole in to see Studio "A". Studio "A" is huge. Phil told us that Rush recorded one of their albums there.

Then they were done. The guys thought it went well. I did too.

The making of

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