2016.12.02 New Orleans Trip Part 2

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Friday we were picked up just a few blocks from the house at the Best Western Hotel on North Rampart. We were headed out for a swamp tour.The Best Western is the hotel we stayed in 2011 when we came down to New Orleans. We are a bit early so we went in for coffee and tea.

Byron our driver of Cajun Pride Tours came early also. We got on the bus, Byron was picking some more passengers before we headed out to the swamp tour.

We had an enjoyable experience due to Captain Allen who was very knowledgeable, because he lives in the Swamp. Allen said the swamp is the safest place to be and not to listen to the TV. Captain Allen would go back if we missed a chance at a picture or point the animals out to us if we do not see them. He was very helpful. All the passenger got to hold a baby alligator. The government makes them tape their mouth shut, but if you drop then in the water they would die due to not being able to eat.

We went to "Bamboula's" and enjoyed supper and listened to the band then we met another ZZ Top look-alike so D'Arcy decided that little old me should take a picture of them. Then the ZZ Top-look alike took my picture then we left for "BMC" which if you remember stands for Balcony Music Club.

Them we walked up Decatur to "Cafe du Monde" and had hot chocolate and beignets, their specialty. Then we walked along St. Ann to Bourbon and up to Canal where we took a trolley home. We manage to put a lot of mileage on our shoes.

There is a street called "Toulouse" which we passed often. Every time D'Arcy would tell me to hold on to my hat if it was a little windy because it was "on Toulouse." Eventually I caught on to his joke.

Saturday we went to breakfast at a restaurant called "Li'l Dizzy's". This is a very unique place.The radio is on and the cook breaks into Christmas songs and other songs while she is cooking. The staff all talk at once. Sometimes the cook remembers to wear her funny glasses.

Some girls told us about Jams that go on at Plan C Art Hostel so we went to visit there so D'Arcy can check this place out. Plan C is on Toulouse Street and is a community house that gives shelter and food to young musicians but for that they have to work within the house such as fixing bicycles etc.

They had a jam that night so we agreed to come back with D'Arcy's Bass. First we went to a music store called "ByWater" in the "Lower Nine". We bought some strings for Plan C's guitars which were in dire need of replacing. Paul Webb the owner told us about a restaurant called "The Joint" so we thought we would try it for supper. We went back to Plan C until 10:00. We met nice people there plus their Black Cat Ninja.

After we had a Uber take us to Frenchmen Street. All the Bars were packed so we went and had a nightcap at "Dat Dogs" out on the upper balcony then walked up a few streets then Ubered home.

New Orleans night life is all night.

Sunday we went back to "Li'l Dizzy's" because the cook was so much fun but when we got there she wasn't there so we stayed there anyway because it is such a fun little place and friendly.

Then we found out that there was the Second Line parade in the Tremé. There was a great TV show called Tremé about the neighbourhood. There is a parade every Sunday at different locations. So we headed down there. It was raining off and on so we went into The Tremé Coffee Shop to have Tea and Coffee. We walked along with the parade until we got too tired. We took an Uber home.

We ate at a little place called "Buffa's" We thought is was just a little corner dive bar but when we asked about eating they sent us down a corridor to a full dining room with a nice trio playing. It was The Gerald French Band. Gerald played drums and his son George played bass. There was also a keyboard player named Mike Lemmler. They were very good. George gave D'Arcy a copy of his CD "The George French Band {It's a beginning}". George French asked D'Arcy if he wanted to sit in and play Bass. D'Arcy sat in with the band and also sang two songs. The members of the band were very impressed. Then we were about to leave when George Porter Jr., the bass player for the meters walked in and George French introduced us. Since the Meters is one of D'Arcy's favourite bands I just had to take a picture.

Then we walked down Esplanade to Frenchmen Street and walked into BMC to watch the band and then grabbed an Uber and went home.

Monday we ventured out in the rain to "Praline Connection Restaurant" hoping to have breakfast, but found out they did not serve breakfast so we had lunch. We picked up something small and ate at the house that night. Then we went to a jam at 30/90 till closing time where D'Arcy enjoyed himself playing then home with Uber.

Tuesday we took a trolley to where we could walk though the cemeteries. Do you know that the cemeteries are built above ground because New Orleans is below sea level the water stays out because of the levees.

We went to "Serto Po Boy Deli" then we took the trolley but not before we met Jackie at the trolley stop. We got to talking when Jackie said "do you play Guitar?" She said she knew because of the beard. Jackie told us that she worked with the Neville Brothers before they became famous. She proceeded to show us buildings until she got off. We then proceeded home.

We went to see the Thirtieth Anniversary of "The Celebration In The Oaks" that night as well as having supper at "Morning Call" D'Arcy sat in with a band at BMC then home. D'Arcy and I both danced with this girl and I scared both D'Arcy and myself. D'Arcy thought I would break another femur but I did not although I was sore. Then home by Uber to pack to leave New Orleans.

Wednesday, well all good things must come to an end. We had a lot of fun down in New Orleans. Love to come back. The people are so friendly. The music scene is something else here. D'Arcy is a good tour guide without him I would get lost. Thank you D'Arcy for showing me a good time. We took Uber for our last breakfast at "Li'l Dizzy's" and then walked home through the Tremé. Them went to finish packing and make phones call.

We took Uber to Louis Armstrong Airport the first airport they named after a musician. We were supposed to be three three hours early but, everything went fine with security may I suggest that everyone wears Loafers no laces because they have you take off your shoes, your belt, sweater etc. D'Arcy even had to loosen the strings on his bass. They didn't do that at Pearson Airport. They say they do that because of the air pressure in the cabin if the strings are not loosened they may break. We landed at ten to nine. We got our Baggage except the bass . The bass was sent to a different place for pick up. Of course D'Arcy tried to trick me again by saying that the bass was still in New Orleans because the strings were on Toulouse. We took a Airline Limo home. We must have got home around at 10:40 we tried to watch TV but were to tired.

The next morning I opened the door to get the Sun Newspaper and the weather was colder then New Orleans. I guess we not in New Orleans anymore.

We had a blast for ten days.We would do it again.

We would like to thank Brent Conatser for a comfy little "Voodoo Shack".

Thank you D'Arcy for showing me a good time. Without you I would get lost.

We did a lot in just ten days.

D'Arcy with George Porter Jr

More pictures.