2016.12.12 Winterizing Our Trailer

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Well, this means summer has come to an end winter is here. And you know what that means winterizing our summer home. So we headed to Canadian Tire to buy a portable generator. Then we headed out to Pickering to Renewable Storage. The first thing was for D'Arcy to start the portable generator. We were told when we bought this that there was enough oil to start this but no it was empty. So off we go to buy some oil. We got back put it in and still would not start, we called customer service and he told us to fill the oil until it was spilling out of the spout. We did and it started.

When it was running we started the furnace. D'Arcy opened all the taps emptied the valves and closed all the lights and we were on our way home.

Since we were in Pickering we decided to call Monica, D'Arcy's sister. We talked to Monica for a while then we continued home.

D'Arcy and I decided to stop in on The Rockpile. We don't go very often. Our friend Al Reilly and his lovely wife Brenda hold a Monday night jam there with his band Catalyst.

D'Arcy got up to sing a song, "I Got Loaded", that he brought back from our trip to New Orleans. His patter for it is "I recently returned from New Orleans and this song followed me home. Can I keep it?" Then a song for New Orleans called "New Orleans is Sinking" by The Tragically Hip. Then D'Arcy finished with a ZZ top song "La Grange." We left shortly after but not before we sampled their hamburgers and fries tea and coffee.

We came home and enjoyed a glass of wine and a show then we retired for the night.

We went back to Renewable Storage in Pickering because we did not put the anti-freeze down the drains to flush out the last of the water. D'Arcy would like to run the portable generator until the gas is empty. On our way we picked some fuel stabilizer to put in our portable generator, and Prestone Plumbing -50 C anti-freeze to put down the drains to flush out the last of the water. It took a very short time for the portable generator gas to empty.

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